Month: June 2018

Mr Amadou Gallo Fall – Vice President and Managing Director of NBA Africa

  Embassy Direct is all about success stories. Vice President and Managing Director of the National Basketball Association – Africa, Mr Amadou Gallo Fall, is one of those stories. He sits down with us to discuss a rising hope for Africa, and the role sport plays in offering this hope.     Embassy Direct: Amadou, it is a pleasure to share this time with you. As I said about success stories, yours is an interesting one. Coming from Senegal and having the opportunity, through sport and something that you love, basketball, you have made it all the way to the United States. Please relay your story...

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Malaysian High Commissioner to South Africa – H.E. Dato Badruddin Ab Rahman

In my personal experience, it was the one place I did extreme sports. For some reason, I decided to jump out of a plane – 10,000ft in the air – in Malacca. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life, and I’ll never do it again!     Embassy Direct: High Commissioner Ab Rahman, thank you for being here with us today to share your views and experiences.   E.DBAb Rahman: Thank you very much for inviting me, I am pleased to be here.     Your Excellency, as the Malaysian High Commissioner to South Africa, how would you define your diplomatic tour in the region thus far? What moments or events stand out?  I have been High Commissioner to South Africa since October 2015; I...

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Ambassador of the Central African Republic to South Africa – H.E. Mr Andre Nzapayeke

At the heart of Africa, the Central African Republic offers some of the continent’s most breathtaking landscapes. The region encompasses tropical rainforests and desert alike, bordered by Cameroon to the west, Chad to the north, Sudan and South Sudan to the east, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo to the south. Amidst an unstable political climate, Ambassador of the Central African Republic to South Africa, Mr Andre Nzapayeke, offers an insight of hope and optimism towards his country.    Embassy Direct: Excellency, as Ambassador of the Central African Republic to South Africa, how would you define your diplomatic tour in the...

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Ambassador of Algeria to South Africa – H. E. Mr Abd-El-Naceur Belaid

North of Africa is the largest country in the continent, in the Arab world, and in the Mediterranean basin, Algeria. With roughly 80% of its landmass blanketed by the Sahara desert, it has the second largest oil reserves on the continent. Today we are in the company of his Excellency Ambassador Abd-El-Naceur Belaid, Ambassador of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria to South Africa. Excellency, thank you for joining us  E.Belaid: My pleasure.  Embassy Direct: Your Excellency, as Ambassador of Algeria to South Africa, how would you define your diplomatic tour in the region thus far? How long have you been in South Africa, and are there moments or events that stand out for you?  I came...

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