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Sara Valdes Bolaño has a bachelor degree in Social Science, a Masters from the University of Paris and from Bourgogne University. She has been a career diplomat since 1990. Her previous appointments include, Ambassador to Vietnam, director general for Africa and the Middle East at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, director of the Mexican Cultural Institute in Paris, DCM at the Embassy to Ireland and political counselor at the Mexican Mission to the European Union. 


“On the occasion of Women’s Month in South Africa, we celebrate and honour the women of this country whose strength, resilience and determination are key in building a bright future for younger generations. Mexico is an active advocate of women’s rights and it has prioritised the inclusion of the gender perspective as a crosscutting issue in national and foreign policy. Mexico is the first country of the Global South to adopt a feminist foreign policy, strengthening the country´s leading role in the fight for gender equality and women empowerment. The Mexican Feminist Foreign policy is intersectional, aiming for a change of paradigm including structural, institutional and regulatory renewal. Together with France, Mexico co-chaired and co-hosted the Generation Equality Forum in 2021 which launched the 5-year Global Acceleration Plan for equality, leadership and opportunities for women and girls worldwide; as well as the Global Alliance for Care. Mexico is also a strong promoter of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, recognising the crucial role and contributions of women in security, peacekeeping and the post-conflict reconstruction. Mexico works to achieve a substantive and equal participation of women at all levels, and in all settings and has therefore adopted a National Action Plan for the implementation of the WPS agenda as well as the peacebuilding strategy. As a Mexican woman diplomat I am inspired and committed to work every day to contribute to the improvement of the lives of women and girls in my country and around the world.” – Sara Valdes Bolaño