“If you hit a woman, you hit a rock”. This was a saying I came across when I first arrived in this beautiful country a year ago. I thought to myself; “what a powerful saying”… When it comes to issues like gender equality and GBV, there is still a lot that needs to be done around the world. There are ample policies and pieces of legislation put in place in many countries like my country and South Africa, regarding the empowerment of women. There are also many powerful women in higher echelons of political and economic life in our countries. Nevertheless, we see the persistence of issues related to the place of women in society. Therefore, in accordance with the belief that empowering women means empowering societies, we should all work harder to implement policies, change attitudes, tackle with “glass ceilings”, and achieve more egalitarian societies.

Being one of close to 70 female Turkish Ambassadors around the world, I give special priority to projects geared towards the empowerment of women. One of the Turkish Embassy’s biggest projects is about training SA women SME’s on digital economy and e-commerce. I believe that every woman and man in this country has something to contribute to the events and projects developed around Women’s Month in SA in their own fields.”

By Aysegul Kandas