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Europe Day – 9 May

Every year, on the 9th of May, we mark Europe Day.    Not only is a day about celebrating peace and unity in Europe, but it also commemorates the day in 1950 when then-French foreign minister Robert Schuman shared his vision of a new Europe which would make war between the European countries unthinkable. His proposal – the so-called Schuman Declaration – gave birth to what we know today as the European Union.   So, in fact, today – Europe Day – is the European Union’s 70th birthday!   During the last 70 years, we’ve seen good times and...

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Republic of Paraguay’s Independence Day – 14 May

To my fellow Paraguayans and friends of Paraguay in South Africa and other countries in the region:   Many thanks to Embassy Direct’s Editor in Chief for giving the Embassy of the Republic of  Paraguay in South Africa the opportunity to publish a special greeting to commemorate the Republic of Paraguay’s Independence Day.    Dear fellow Paraguayans and friends:   On the night of May 14, 1811, the bells of the Cathedral of Asunción rang, as a signal to our Patriots to begin a liberating revolution, which in the morning of May 15, 1811, gave us our REPUBLIC OF...

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Azerbaijan Republic Day – 28 May

              Today we celebrate 102 anniversaries of the Republic Day honours the date on which the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) was founded on 28 May 1918 as the first secular democratic state in the Muslim East. Republic which was founded by the Azerbaijani National Council after the collapse of the Russian Empire that ignited with the Russian Revolution of 1917. It was a tough period for Azerbaijan to establish independence. The Declaration of Independence was adopted on May 28, 1918, announced the creation of the democratic parliamentary republic in Azerbaijan and it said that all nations living in Azerbaijan have sovereign...

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Independence Anniversary of Eritrea – 24 May 2020

  Keynote Address by H.E. Mr. Salih Omar Abdu Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the Republic of South Africa, Countries of SADC Region and Dean of the African Ambassadors Group, On the 29th Independence Anniversary of Eritrea. Pretoria, 24 may 2020.   Dear Participants and Guests Ladies and Gentlemen Let me first convey my heartfelt congratulations to the Eritrean people inside the country and in the Diaspora. The 29th Independence Anniversary is being celebrating under prevailing global reality of the Spread of corona virus and lockdown guidelines.   Eritrea became independent on the 24th of May 1991, and hence...

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Independence Day of Georgia 26 May 2020

  ADDRESS by  H.E. Mr. Beka DVALI,  Ambassador of Georgia In the Republic of South Africa On the occasion of of the Independence Day of Georgia 26 May 2020 Pretoria, Republic of South Africa   Dear South Africans, Dear Fellow Georgians in South Africa, Dear Colleagues from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), Dear Colleagues from South African Governmental Departments, Dear Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Members of the Diplomatic Corps in South Africa, Dear Members of Southern Africa Georgia Chamber of Commerce (SAGCC), Dear Honorary Consuls of Georgia in Cape Town, in Johannesburg, in Port Louis, in Antananarivo, in Lusaka, in Luanda, in Maputo, Ladies and Gentlemen,   Today, on 26 May 2020, we are blessed to celebrate, yet once again, Independence Day of Georgia, albeit in totally unusual global environment and circumstances related to COVID-19 pandemic. First time during last 9 years, the Embassy of Georgia in South Africa is not able to host traditional Georgian Reception in Pretoria and to greet, hug and entertain our friends and colleagues, to raise toast with epic Georgian wine to the independence and wellbeing of our beloved country. Pandemic derailed such celebration this year as much as it stalled our extraordinary and long-matured plans we had envisaged for Georgia-South Africa relations in 2020.   At this moment in time, first and foremost, on behalf of the Government of Georgia...

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