Impilo Collection – Angela Yeung 

Today’s corporate world, demands that entrepreneurs are not only business minded, but one also needs to have concern of our surrounding and awareness of our role as human beings. In the case of Angela Yeung, being born in Hong Kong and migrating to South Africa as a child, adds an interesting edge to her story. Angela studied metalsmith crafting and later obtained a qualification as a Diamond Grading graduate. She has used her experience, knowhow and skills as a designer, to found her own jewellery company, Impilo (life in isZulu) Collection. Impilo designs and manufactures for commissioned private clients, as well as for renowned contemporary art jewellery collections. Her creations are a merge of African and Asian influences, which reflect her sensitivity and acknowledgement of these cultures. Her work has won numerous awards. It has also been featured on important media platforms around the globe. 


Angela has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice and not for any other reason than a noble cause. She reached the summit of the Kilimanjaro on 9th August this year to commemorating Women’s Day. The adventurous activity was arranged by Trek4Mandela to raise funds and create awareness for the Caring4Girls programme and TREK100, with the endorsement of the Imbumba and Nelson Mandela Foundations. These programmes seek to address challenges faced by South African school girls who cannot afford sanitary towels and miss upto 50 days of school as a result.

Beyond her business capabilities, Mrs Yeung has proven that we can all serve our communities, without necessarily holding a Ministerial or Head of State post. More initiatives like these ones are required, not only in the African continent, but all over the planet. Angela would like her story to inspire other people to contribute to humanitarian causes with love and for the upliftment of the rest of the human race