It’s a Franci

Franci du Toit is a multi-faceted artist: a photographer,

a sculptor, a designer. She is all of the above, and more…

“As a child, the Namib Desert was my playground. This vast

land with its endless spaces, colours, textures, shapes and the light

dancing on the dunes, inspired my creativity from an early age.

These natural elements are ever present in my photography.

I share the magic I see in nature. I want the emotions in every 

image to touch the viewer’s heart. My aim is to capture

special moments in a singular image.  

Photographs are memories: they’re just in print…


The narratives of my artworks aim to bring the reminders of the past alive into the present – into the here and now. In my sculptural works it is important for me to make a strong statement and tell a story relevant for generations to come. I design my sculptures to be robust with a futuristic edge.

Art is in our landscape, Art surrounds us ”


Franci du Toit is an artist based on the African continent. Her work can be seen at Weylandts, Ulusaba, the High Court division of Mpumalanga, Mbombela Square and soon to come in Axis art gallery, Cape Town. Her work can be ordered online via  For behind-the-scenes adventures with Franci, follow her on Instagram as @itsafranci.