Dear fellow nationals and friends of Peru:

I am honoured to write you in occasion of the 199th Anniversary of the Independence of Peru, which is commemorated on the 28th of July. Unfortunately, due the pandemic restrictions we could not gather to celebrate our multicultural, multi-ethnic, and mega diverse country, that on the base of these potentials has created magnificent artistic, social, and scientific expressions.

Next year Peru is celebrating its bicentenary on a difficult context, that highlight the importance of the unity, in a society that has embrace democracy, free market and respect for the state of the law. I am sure that we will cope these complicated times and will emerge as a stronger and fortified nation.

 I am sure you will miss our gastronomic, musical and dance festival, but do not be sad, you can learn how to make ceviche, visit our majestic architecture, learn how to play cajon or watch our most important plays if you visit our Facebook Embassy of Peru in South Africa.

Happy National Day!