When did you know you wanted to be a hotelier and in particular, a General Manager? 

I was a young man of 16 when I decided this was my future. I grew up in Hospitality by my parents involvement. I attended Hotel School in Italy and the rest they say is history….


Where have you served thus far as GM?  

My last GM post was at a 5 star hotel in Sandton.


Have you had any mentor(s) along the way & how important were they to your development?

Yes – Hans Enderle – he was one of the original Mein Hosts.


Have you ever had to open a hotel or lodge and would you say that requires a unique skill set? If not, would you be interested in doing so or not? 

Yes – I have been involved in numerous openings and refurbishments. It requires patience, attention to detail and optimum planning.


From the first day you served as a GM, until today, you must have learnt so much. If you could share any one piece of sage guidance, to new GM’s, what would it be? 

You are only as strong as the team that you surround yourself with.


I imagine that being the GM of a property, in a small town,  would come with different dynamics to being the GM of a property, in a big city. The same would go for managing a beach property on an island or a bush lodge in a remote corner of the world. Can you share how one adapts to managing in different locations (environments)?

Each property is unique and different and the ability to adapt to the needs, wants and requirements of that particular property is essential. No matter where you are, what neer changes is the passion for the job.


Being the general manager of a hotel, during the Coronavirus Pandemic, must have been very challenging. What was the key to survival and did you gain or learn anything from the adverse situation? 

We all learnt to adapt. Flexibility was key as plans changed on a daily basis. One had to think on ones toes.


Your favourite thing about serving, at your current post? 

The culture of the Red Carnation Hotel group and the love the Tollman family has for this industry, their hotels and Lodges. This is also reflected in the passion with which this iconic hotel is run, together with an incredibly professional and passionate team.


How important is it for general managers, such as yourself, to visit other properties?

Very important to have exposure to how other establishments work – one never stops learning, and wanting to do better, to create the best guest experience we possibly can.


How is your establishment contributing to the greater good & making the world a better place?

People; Planet; Wildlife. To have a positive impact on the people and community; To protect wildlife and marine life and to care for the planet we call home.


Interesting Insights about the General Manager:


What is your ideal or favourite vacation destination?

Anywhere where there is good food and wine… Portugal and Italy are 2 of my favourite destinations.


What is your favourite wine?

A glass of Bouchard Finlayson is always a good way to end the day.


What is your favourite dish?

Anything Italian of course


What favourite hidden gem, near your establishment, should we visit?

So much to choose from. We are fortunate to be within 3 hours of the Bush, The mountains and some of the best World Heritage sites in South Africa.


Best question you were never asked or a fun fact about yourself?

No one has asked when I will slow down.