A media briefing was held on the 2 February 2023 at the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Pretoria. The topic addressed was the launch of the mapping exercise to welcome and facilitate the return of Zimbabwean exemption permit holders from South Africa.

Members of the media were addressed by the Ambassador, His Excellency D. Hamadziripi.
A grace period for the permits was given until 31 December 2022 by South Africa, this was then extended until the 30 June 2023.

Zimbabwe has put in place a mapping exercise that will have two phases. The first phase will be an online registration for those Zimbabwean Nationals wanting to return to their country. Phase two will be walk in registration centres set up across South Africa.

Phase one opened on the 2 February and will run until 3 March 2023.
This is an invitation for voluntary registration, those who do not want to participate will not be compelled too.
Efforts will be put into place to make the migration process easier , for example custom regulations will be relaxed for those returning to Zimbabwe with moveable assets. The Embassy of Zimbabwe will have various Chanels of communication open for enquiries.

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by Marion Kate