Earth day was celebrated on Saturday 22 April 2023.
There was no better way to enjoy this day than to participate in the 2nd AfriCAN Annual Honoree Earthizens’ Awards that were hosted at 26 Degrees South Hotel.

The youngest ECOpreneur, was Linden Ambursley who is 10 years old and he promotes Organic, unrefined and raw Sheabutter from Uganda.

ECOpreneurs were honoured for their sustainable and innovative ideas of using “trash” to create upcycling products.

Anthea Thyssen, the host chose the theme “Let’s honour MOTHER EARTH for 2023. She envisages the importance of eating organic food, using organic products on your skin and buying local clothes to support the local economy.

She believes that there is a Green Economy that should be unlocked through conscouis and responsible consumerism and daily living.

She urges schools, churches and corporate companies to start sorting their trash to support ECOpreneurs to produce products with their creative craftsmanship.

Guests were reminded about the importance of taking care and loving the planet that we live on.

by Marion Kate