The High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago hosted their Carnival Capsule, 2nd Edition “Traditional Mas” on Friday, 12th April 2024 at the Official Residence of High Commissioner, His Excellency Dr. Lovell Francis.

Welcoming guests from the Diplomatic Corps, representatives from the Department of Sports and Culture, SA Tourism, the Deans of Africa and GRULAC, and other attendees, H.E Dr. Lovell Francis shared some background on the meaning of carnival and the fun and festivity that emanate from these events.

Trinidad is one of the birthplaces of carnival. The High Commission chose a carnival theme this year to showcase all dimensions of a Trinidad carnival. In 2023, the first carnival capsule was held in Pretoria, presenting a condensed version of what a carnival in Trinidad truly entails. It was a successful event that showcased many traditional aspects of the country. This second edition in 2024 continued in the same vein, with a larger attendance of guests. The hope for the High Commission is to partner with stakeholders and create a larger event for the public of South Africa, resonating beyond a small gathering to the streets where a carnival should be.

Wishing everyone peace and love, the fire dancing and feather masks and costumes set the stage for a fun-filled evening.

by Marion Kate