The celebration of the anniversary of Philippine Independence on June 12 every year has always been an opportunity for the Philippine Embassy to gather its friends and partners to give them the Filipino experience here in Pretoria. Unfortunately, the pandemic goes on and we are forced to socially distance from each other. But true to the indomitable and resilient spirit of the Filipino, we, at the Embassy, firmly believe that we can still virtually celebrate this important milestone of Philippine nationhood.

We therefore invite everyone to look at the videos and articles featured on this page which celebrate our rich culture and heritage, as well as the inherent beauty of our country and our people. As we look forward to a future that is finally free of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to see you soon during better times.



#ThisIsThePhilippines Find out 11 incredible things you never knew about the Philippines.

#FilipinoBeauty Discover the Filipino devotion to the art of pageantry and witness how we win the crown.

#FilipinoCuisine To get a taste of Filipino cuisine which is gaining global popularity, learn how to make ukoy (sweet potato/carrot fritters) by celebrated Filipino chef Tom Cunanan–2OTuU

#FilipinoLanguage Did you know that we speak 183 languages? Listen to these beautiful Filipinas demonstrate the diversity of the languages of the Philippines!


#FilipinoBodyArt Meet Whang Od – the last remaining mambabatok –a tattoo artist in the Philippines using traditional hand-tap methods.


#FilipinoHero Watch a documentary about Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines.

#WakeInThePhilippines Until we can travel again, dream about waking up in the Philippines.