Mmadika Moloi is an attorney by profession, an innovator and entrepreneur with 14 years in business. She is experienced in all aspects of business formation, operations and finance, and in proceeding effectively and efficiently in culturally diverse situations across borders globally. 


Please give us an insight into your early career before you became actively involved in your current endeavours.

As a girl growing up in Nigel on Johannesburg’s East Rand, I was always passionate about art, and it was my first love. However, I didn’t do much of it after I left school. I was too focused on my studies in law and political science and then on my career as a legal professional after I graduated. Then one day, my coach advised me to return to my first passion. That is when I started to draw again. I even started venturing into design, and my coach encouraged me to try dress design. I didn’t think I had it in me until I started actually doing it. As a member of the legal profession, I used to wear a lot of black and white. Bright colours aren’t encouraged in the industry, so everything is very bland. I started to add some colour to my life and, as I did, I fell even more in love with art. I found it very therapeutic and healing, as I always have done. That is how I got my start in the fashion industry. I decided to change my life and, instead of focusing on law, came up with the concept of The Black Hippie.


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