Embassy Direct members had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the South Korean Cultural Centre located in Pretoria last July.

Our publication’s members’ attention and interest were caught by the different content that Korean culture has to offer, but what created the best impression was the food.

For that reason, we managed to obtain a second invitation from the centre’s authorities and during the third week of August and as part of Women’s Month Celebration we treated our members to a Korean cuisine class.

Representatives from AGS, BMW, Tholo Consultants as well from other member companies enjoyed the opportunity to learn the recipes, mixed produce and spices and cook flagged Korean dishes.

We wish to congratulate the South Korean Cultural Centre of South Africa, for their initiative to promote their customs and traditions in our country.

As usual, Embassy Direct is able to bring to our readers and viewers the Good News, especially when it enhances the bilateral relations between South Africa and the rest of the world community.

Getting to understand and appreciate other cultures contributes, not only to the promotion of heritage values, but to develop an attitude of respect and tolerance towards others.

Thanks a million South Korean Cultural Centre for such an academic opportunity!