On Friday 11 November South Africa and Turkiye hosted a Trade Day event at the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The subject of the event was the investment environment in the Republic of South Africa and Turkiye; opportunities and advantages.

The panel discussion was moderated by Shawn Theunissen, President of JCCI. Participants on the panel included Ambassador Kandas of the Republic of Turkiye, Elias Monage, President of the Black Business Council, Yunus Hoosen, The acting head of InvestSA, Mustafa Soylu the CEO of DEFY, Yasmin Esenlik the overseas offices and activities director of the investment office of the Presidency of Turkiye, Riaz Haffejee the METAIR CEO, Abubekir Salim from the Foreign economics board of DEIK and Sipho Mbele, governor of the Progressive Business Forum.
Presentations were given outlining the business and investment environment in South Africa as well as in Turkiye. Turkish companies who invest in South Africa gave insight into their reasons and their overall satisfaction to working in the country.

The special ecconomic zones in South Africa were explained in detail by GIDZ who focused more on the 5 corridors within Gauteng.
An informative day that was enjoyed by over 100 participants.

by Marion Kate