The Spanish Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast seminar at the Italian Club in Bedfordview on the 20 April 2023.
Guest speaker Leslee Udwin, an awardee for the United Nation Women for Peace Prize and former film maker inspired attendees about her Think Equal programme aimed at children aged 3 to 6 years.

This world wide program has already been implemented in over 25 countries , including South Africa. The aim of the program is to teach Social and Emotional learning both from a psycho- social and social justice view with the hope of preventing discrimination, inequality and violence around the world.

William Kennedy, a leader of the United Nations Global Partnership office , had the following to say about the Think Equal programme “Every once in a while one comes across a non-profit leader and campaign that can actually change the world for the better and at a scale that is required in a generation. The vision, work and traction that Leslee Udwin and the Think Equal Campaign is getting is one of those exceptional outliers that everyone everywhere should get behind.”
Leslee shared her passion and enthusiasm for the project. Gambia has implemented this project throughout the country , Belize has also had a large implementation process. This program that was created by over 22 global experts including Sir Ken Robinson and Barbara Isaacs, and has already impacted 282 000 plus children worldwide.

Leslee and her team are on a mission to achieve a global system change in Early Childhood education through Social and Emotional
Learning for wellbeing & Social Justice.

By Marion Kate