The 202nd anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Peru was celebrated on the 28 July 2023.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Peru H.E. Jorge Félix Rubio Correa and
Mrs. Mónica Garaycochea welcomed guests to their residence in Pretoria.

Peru Diplomatic relations between South Africa and Peru were established on 28 July 1993 with the embassy being inaugurated on 7 March 1994 .

Peru and South Africa are countries with different histories and geographies but there is an element that unites the two , the Norte Chico civilization which is at least 5000 years old and from there in Peru has had cultures that have lived on as a legacy . For its part Africa and South Africa is the Modern human settlement that occurred around 125,000 years ago in the Middle Stone Age, of human kind.

Bilateral relations with South Africa continue on a positive path, a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of political consultation will allow the two countries to sign new agreements which are advancing in various sectors of bilateral interests such as mining and culture amongst others.
Peru hopes to soon announce the visit of their vice minister of Foeign Affairs of Peru to South Africa to commemorate the political consultation between the two countries.
Peru is strengthing their position in Africa , there are Peruvian companies with interests in many African countries, this year the embassy has opened preferences with Namibia and Angola and hopes to do the same soon with Zimbabwe. It has also been agreed to establish diplomatic relations with Gabon .
Peru will host for the third time the summit for the Asia specific economic corporation in 2024. Peru has free trade agreements with 58 countries, the pacific alliance has resumed the path of pragmatism and economic development for countries that make it up and Singapore has joined as an associative country .
Peru as a member country of the comprehensive, progressive agreement for trans pacific partnership welcomes Great Britain as the 12th member of the agreement .

In the words of H.E Jorge Félix Rubio Correa

“ we are sure this will strengthen it by giving free trade “

Peru continues the process of joining the organisation for economic and cooperation development in order to strengthen their democratic institution and consolidate their economic growth with greater social equity. The international projector defines the model of a democratic country that they aspire to be.
Peru in the midst of the turbulence and unstable international order, remains fair in the defence of democracy and rule of law , individual rights and the social market economy.
Peru is also a country that adheres to the norm of international law , to the defence of the independence , sovereignty and territorial integrity to the state that aspired to be free and fight for their freedom. Peru demonstrates this position with conviction and determination in both the United Nations and all competent organisations .
Domestically the economy of Peru continues to grow and drastically reduce poverty with the country being one of the most import for exporting mining products as well as mangoes, avocados and many other products.
Peruvian gastronomy is internationally recognised, with two Peruvian restaurants rated in the worlds top 10.

A representative from the Government of South Africa congratulated Peru on their day of Independence and stated since the start of the diplomatic relations both countries have mainted strong relations and continue to work together to strengthen the bilateral and economic cooperation. South Africa looks forward to the political consultation to be held in the last quarter of 2023.

“ United we can work together to make the world a better place “

Guests enjoyed traditional dance performances while indulging in an array of well prepared food and a sweet table that was a feast for the eyes.

Happy National Day Peru!

by Marion Kate