National Day of Morocco was celebrated on the 31 July 2023 at the magnificent new residence of H.E. Youssef Amrani which was built within a year.
Celebrating the 24 Anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI Accession to the Throne with various heads of Missions and distinguished guests.

“This unique moment of togetherness cemented by genuine friendship, solidarity and unity.”

For more than 2 decades the King has shaped, guided and reinforced Morocco’s path as a country that values unity and people above all.
Through Morocco’s farsighted and humanistic program of reforms focused primarily in the social sectors, Morocco works tirelessly to develop a model of fair , sustainable and dynamic economy.
On the economic level Morocco has launched an ambitious program to further accelerate the industrial sector in the country. They have the tools needed to move forward, being the adoption of the new investment charter and a fund of investment that will inject major investment in the economy.
As guests joyfully celebrated this special day, they payed tribute not only to the Morrocan identity but also their future, belief and ambitions as Africans.
This year is important for Africa as they commemorate the 60th anniversary of the organization of the African unity. 60 years ago their founding fathers decided to construct a new union that reflects solidarity to build a strong prosperous and united Africa as Morocco has been advocating for since the Casablanca conference in 1961.
Morocco believes today, more than ever in the context of increased geopolitical tensions that multi lateral cooperation is key for Africa.
Many representatives of key international organizations in South Africa were present at the event. Respect, empathy and honesty are the only way forward to building and strengthening spirits that allows us to truly experience the world we want and the world we need.
On the other hand Moroccans and Africans have experienced a unique sense of togetherness during the Qatar world cup , the historic result of the Moroccan soccer national team has not only made millions of Morrocans proud but millions of Africans also . After this historic achievement, Morroco launched a new bid to host the FIFA world cup in partnership with Spain and Portugal to show how Africa and Europe can work together.
Morocco and South Africa share the same challenges and same hopes. The two countries share a long history and have always been considered positive stake holders in Africa.

” opportunities not taken are losses we cannot afford “.

South Africa and Morocco have many opportunities for the people as well as the youth , through people to people interactions. These opportunities should be explored and expanded on.

H.E. Amrani thanked South Africa for hosting him for the last four years and for the special friendships forged.

Ambassador Fadl Nacerodien
Chief Director from the North Africa branch of the South African government congratulated Morocco on their National Day. Raising representation of Morocco in South Africa to Ambassadorial level has greatly helped bilateral relations. Common goals include peace and development on the continent , South Africa and Morocco are amongst the biggest investors in Africa and the two countries can play a major role in the implementation of the African continental free trade area to greatly enhance inter Africa trade.

Guests enjoyed some beautiful melodies performed by Katja Dokolova while getting a taste of fine Moroccan cuisine.

Happy National Day Morocco!

by Marion Kate