Victory Day, also known as Turkish Armed Forces Day that commemorates the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar on 30 August 1922.

A national holiday in Turkiye, this year saw celebrations for the 101st anniversary in Turkiye and embassies around the world. One of the greatest military victories in history, was launched by the Turkish Armed Forces on 26 August 1922, under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Türkiye The war ended on 18 September 1922. Two years later on the 30 August 1924, Atatürk attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Martyr Sancaktar Soldier Monument.

“The Turkish nation has once again engraved this truth in the bosom of history with a steel pen with the victory it has won, the power it showed and its will”, he said in an address that remains etched in the history books.

Members of the Diplomatic Corp, Military Attaches, South African Defense force members and other distinguished guests attended the occasion.The military Attache of the Turkish Embassy Mr Ömür Çelik who had just been promoted to rank of Colonel, thanked guests for their attendance, Mr Çelik shared a video with guests showcasing Turkish Defense equipment.

H.E Ms Ayşegül Kandaş commented on the flourishing relations between South Africa and Türkiye. In September 2022 there were 26 companies and 120 officials at the African Aerospace and Defense fair from Turkiye. The entire delegation was headed by the Turkish president of the Defense Industry agency.
The Chief of the South African Defense force, General Rudzani Maphwanya paid an official visit to Turkiye in November 2022, this was the first ever official visit made by the Chief of the Defense force to Türkiye.
A large delegation from South Africa attended the 16th International Defense fair in Istanbul in July 2023 included in the delegation were 10 South African Defense companies.

Türkiye and South Africa are now in the process of combining their capabilities and potential in various aspects of Defense industry equipment and trade. One of these joint projects involves Denel and Aselsan aimed at carrying out the modernisation of Rooivalk helicopters manufactured by Denel .
H.E. Ms Kandaş welcomed the new General Manager of Aselsan Mr Mehmet Aydin to South Africa. Aselsan is located in Pretoria, South Africa and employs 40 South Africans.

A member of the Embassy staff read the speech from President Erdogan to commemorate this historic day to the guests.
Guest enjoyed fine cuisine and music performed by the South African Police band.

Happy Victory Day Türkiye 🇹🇷

By Marion Kate