The Independence Day for Brazil is celebrated on September 7th each year. It celebrates Brazil’s declaration of Independence from Portugal on 7 September 1822.
Commonly called Sete de Setembro, this year saw celebrations marking 201 years of freedom.
The vibrant and diverse democracy enjoyed by the people of Brazil was extended to guests who attended the notable event held at the Residence in Pretoria on the 7 September 2023.
H.E Benedicto Fonseca Filho who began his tour of duty in South Africa just 5 weeks prior to the Independence day event welcomed Members of the Diplomatic Corp, Minister Lindiwe Zulu who served as South Africa’s Ambassador to Brazil previously, members of DIRCO, Dean of the Diplomatic Corp and other distinguished guests.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva visited South Africa a few weeks ago to participate in the BRICS summit where the President reaffirmed that it is in his mandate to maintain strenthing relations with the African continent and in particular with South Africa. This is a prominent feature of Brazils foreign policy. There has been an increase in the last few years for Brazil with trade relations and investments, which includes a group of world class South African companies some of which also partnered with the Brazilian Embassy to make the Independence Day event possible.
High level meetings which have taken place so far this year are a good omen for the development of relations between South Africa and Brazil both bilateraly and in organizations that Brazil participates in such as BRICS.

Another important event that was applauded which has helped with increased relations, is the inaugural flight of Latam Airlines flying direct from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo and in October 2023 South African airways will inaugurate its direct flight.

Minister Lindiwe Zulu congratulated the Government and people of Brazil on their Independence Day on behalf of the Government of South Africa and its people.

Minister Zulu remarked on how South Africa is looking forward to working with Brazil on advancing social and economic relations and multi lateral cooperation. Diplomatic relations between South Africa and Brazil began in January 1948, since 1994 with the advent of democracy in South Africa and the end of the military rule in Brazil bilateral relations between the two countries has evolved and blossomed into a strategic partnership that was established in 2010. This partnership is based on shared values of democracy, human rights and a commitment to mutually beneficial relations.

Brazil is South Africa’s largest trading partner in Latin America and the second largest trading partner in the America’s after the USA. South Africa and Brazil share commitment to South – South cooperation and multilateralism which manifests in close cooperation in IPSA, BRICS, G20 and the UN.
Notably Brazil has the largest population of African desendants in Latin America and this shared identity and common heritage provides a strong foundation to build an enduring friendship and partnership between Africa and Brazil.

Minister Zulu announced the new flights with South Africa’s National carrier

“South African airways will reinstate the route to Sao Paulo, Brazil from both Cape Town and Johannesburg. The launch flight out of Cape Town on Tuesday 31 October 2023 and from Johannesburg on Monday 6 November 2023.”

The 300 guests enjoyed a visual journey through Brazils rich cultural tapestry with a performance choreographed by Brazilian dancer Ruan Gladino from Johannesburg ballet and led by six South African students from the Faculty of Arts in Tshwane. The dance showcased five of the typical Brazilian styles: samba, frevo, forro, baiao and funk.

Happy Independence Day
Viva Brazil 🇧🇷

by Marion Kate