It’s that time of year when we tend to become the most lovable creatures on this planet and forgive our foes, even if it’s only temporarily. But Christmas and all year-end festivities should be much more than that. It’s definitively not just about wrapping and giving gifts, or soaking up the sun in Camps Bay or on Durban’s sandy beaches. It should mostly be about reflecting on what we have truly accomplished as individuals or as a team in our society.

At Embassy Direct, we’ve marked a decade of existence. 2023 was a year of celebration with the foreign diplomatic and expatriate communities, as well as with our members, in honor of this important milestone. Starting off with a remarkable launch of this year’s edition, graced with the inaugural Ambassador’s Golf Cup, and culminating in our second Diplomatic Family Day, both held at Steyn City and generously sponsored by renowned brands such as BMW and Nedbank. We organized a series of webinars showcasing various countries as travel destinations for South Africans, with the support of the Association of South African Travel Agents. Similarly, we hosted several luncheons for heads of missions, actively participated in, and provided comprehensive coverage of numerous National Days throughout 2023. This decennial celebration encompassed a multitude of events, forming a substantial list.

Overall, we’ve maintained the relevance of our brand and stayed true to our motto of delivering only good news. In a world where differences are often settled on battlefields, Embassy Direct remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting collaboration and, more importantly, peace across the planet. There are still many issues that need improvement, such as the equitable distribution of wealth to ensure a high quality of life for every human being. That should be part of our contemplation during these days.

But for now, on behalf of the Embassy Direct Family, we simply want to extend warm wishes to all our followers, readers, and viewers for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

by Rodrigo Chiari