Commemoration of Bicentenary of the Independence of the Republic of Guatemala September 15, 1821-2021.

From this corner of the world, I am filled with the greatest patriotic emotions and my chest swells in pride for the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of our national independence. Was on September 15, 1821, with the cry of “Freedom” and the signing of the Act of Independence, that Guatemala becoming a sovereign nation.

I will begin these words by remembering our ancestors as a fair tribute to their merit of giving us a free homeland. Equally worthy of praise are our heroes, who have offered their lives to conquer the freedom for the nation that we today inherit.

It is time to revalidate our patriotism, which is based on loyalty, honour and respect for our nation, and is nested in entrenched principles and values inherited from our parents and the ancestors who fought for our independence, for our freedom and for the great Guatemalan family.

This celebration awakens our patriotic feelings and make us reaffirm that to honour and serve the Nation, any moment is perfect. We must love our country more every day. We must remain attentive to our freedom.  We must protect and defend it.

In the commemoration of the 200th years of Independence, the noblest moral value is to exalt our patriotism, which is the feeling of pride of having been born in a blessed land, where our spirit and our blood are embedded.

In the four cardinal points of the world, proudly flies the flag of Guatemala, symbolizing our State with blue, white, and blue colours. A coat of arms in the centre represent the undefeated freedom and our national identity. Seeing our flag flying in our land is gratifying, but seeing it hoisted beyond the borders invades our hearts and spirits with feelings of honour and pride.

Our country deserves our best commitment, dedication, gallantry, and vocation of service, for the consecration of its highest ideals and hopes.

Independence is the daily effort to keep our freedom immaculate. Let us therefore, continue to keep the flame of our independence alive but let us also do our best to ensure that Guatemala always has an independent life.

On this day, the Guatemalans are committed to keeping the foundations of our nationality intact and to fulfilling our vow to the Flag of the Republic of Guatemala. With a single voice, we pronounce the solemn promise: ¡to guard and even die, to keep our flag waving perpetually over a free Nation!

May our inexorable patriotism and our unwavering faith in God, guide our way to preserve our prosperous homeland, in peace and harmony. Let us feel in our hearts the vows that the soul pronounces when singing the final chorus of our glorious National Anthem: ¡Hopefully it will fly high, more so than the condor and the royal eagle, and on its wings it raise up to sky, Guatemala your name, immortal!.

Doctor Erick Escobedo

Ambassador of Guatemala