The Embassy of Jamaica in Pretoria proudly hosted their 61st anniversary of Independence at the Pretoria Country Club on the 11 August 2023.

H.E. Mrs Joan Thomas Edward’s High Comissioner of Jamaica in South Africa welcomed the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Dean of the Diplomatic Corp as well as members of the Diplomatic community and distinguished guests to the joyful occasion.

The Jamaican and South African national anthem were performer by the South African Police band who also provided the musical entertainment throughout the event.

Jamaica has a 3 million strong population combined with a rich history who continues to make waves globally while following a path of social and economic development.

H.E.Mrs Joan Thomas Edward’s remarked on this year’s theme for the celebration as being ” Proud and strong “. Jamaicans are proud people which also resonates with South Africans where pride and strength are the hallmarks of the two nations.
Over the past 61 years of Independence, Jamaica has had their fair share of challenges and triumphs but it should never be forgotten in August 1962 on winning political Independence, Jamaica focused on investing in its people, infrastructure and institutions.
As the flag proclaims there are still hardships that exist but the people are strong and the land is rich and optimism abounds . They have maintained their solid, unbroken tradition of democratic stability which includes freedom of press and expression.
Jamaica and South African relations are rooted and grounded in history and recognised on the global stage. It has been nurtured and enriched by the ongoing bilateral and multilateral relations and has now grown into a tree of partnerships with several branches.
The culture, music, food, language, arts and cinema are well represented. There is cooperation in sports between the two countries , cricket, netball, track and field to name a few.
The Jamaican government through tourism in partnership with the UN and World Bank have created a global tourism resilience and crisis management centre that advocates for the world wide sustainability of international tourism.

This small nation is a testimony to its reputation as a resilient nation of innovators.

Jamaica looks forward to continued close collaboration at a multi lateral level in pursuit of a common goal of an international frame work that is more condusive to a sustainable government and the advancement of International peace and security.

Minister Fish Mahlalela , Deputy minister of tourism congratulated Jamaica on their National Day.
Mr Mahlalela remarked that the government of South Africa values its relations with Jamaica, and forever remains humble to the Jamaican people after the visit of late President Mr Nelson Mandela on July 24, 1991 where hordes of supportive Jamaicans flooded Kingston’s city streets in an effort to glimpse Mr Mandela as he made the Diplomatic rounds.

Mr Mahlalela commented on the shared heritage and solidarity between the two countries .

Guests enjoyed a delectable lunch while the sounds of the various instruments of the SAPS police band combined smoothly to bring out the best of South African vibes.

Happy National Day Jamaica

By Marion Kate