As French President Emmanuel Macron has indicated, France is at “war” against coronavirus. France has recorded over 7,500 coronavirus deaths, with 89,953 cases confirmed.

France is taking unprecedented steps in these challenging times to win this war against COVID19. Firstly, government has ordered people to stay home except for essential tasks or duties from March 17 until at least April 15.

Plans are in place to ramp up domestic production of face masks and respirators, while President Emmanuel Macron also announced the launch of army Operation Resilience to provide logistical and medical support.

On the economic side, the government has announced a series of measures to keep its economy afloat and protect against job losses. France will mobilize 45 billion euros in crisis measures to help its companies, as country, like most of the world, prepares for serious economic consequences.

While 89,953 cases have been confirmed in France, the country has also seen over 15,438 recoveries. France is also looking at rapidly increasing its testing from this month.

Health minister Olivier Veran announced the we are looking at carrying out 30,000 tests per day in April and more than 100,000 tests during post-lockdown in later months.

The solidarity is impressive among the population.

It is true. We are fully supportive of South Africa and hope that the country will quickly overcome the crisis. Our people and companies in South Africa are working hard to participate in that joint fighting.

The coronavirus does not respect borders and it doesn’t see race, age or gender. Our Presidents Cyril Ramaphosa and Emmanuel Macron are coordinating closely their effort in Africa and in Europe.

France is committed to global solidary and international strong international cooperation. South Africa is a strategic partner for France.

The French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has indicated that there would be a European financial aid package for countries fighting the virus, in particular Africa, while the G20 has committed to putting in place an action plan to assist the vulnerable communities.

On the health front, 114 million euros will be allocated to the World Health Organization as part of the additional package of 232 million euros from the European Union for the global response against the COVID19.