As part of the activities that our publication periodically organizes, Embassy Direct managed to coordinate with the South Korean embassy in South Africa, a visit to the facilities of their Cultural Centre located in Brooklyn, Pretoria. For those members’ representatives who attended the event, it was an incredible experience of knowledge about such ancient Asian culture.

Embassy Direct Members AGS, BMW, Chas Everitt, Nedbank, Outsurance and Tholo Consultants had the opportunity to walk around the building, watch tourism videos, observe the kitchen where cooking classes normally take place, learn more about Korean history, literature and music and get a better understanding about the modern concept and trend movement known as K-Pop.

South Korean Head of Mission, Ambassador Park delivered the welcome speech, showing the importance given by his diplomatic mission to its relationship with Embassy Direct.

The special guests, after trying out a number of ceremonial costumes, had the opportunity to delight themselves with exquisite Korean dishes.

Embassy Direct highly values these opportunities that continue allowing the foreign diplomatic community with the South African business sector.

We want to end our short article by crediting the assistance of Miss Evangel Wong in taking photos of this interacting activity.