Time flies! 2023 marks an important milestone for Embassy Direct. We will be publishing our 10th
Anniversary Edition of our printed magazine. We would like to celebrate this relevant milestone with all of our
loyal members.

Many have supported our publication during the past decade and we appreciate
and value your devoted backing. We look forward to the decades to come!

If anyone were to ask me about the importance of being one of Embassy Direct’s members, I would
simply say that we have the unique capability of networking the foreign diplomatic and
expatriate communities stationed in South Africa with the country’s business’ community.

We host numerous events through the year’s calendar during which Ambassadors, High Commissioners
and other Diplomatic Officers, as well as the CEO’s and representatives of foreign
multinationals, have the opportunity to meet South African corporates and develop relations that have
resulted in equally beneficial business opportunities for our members.

We look forward to the year ahead and are grateful for those taking it on by our side.

by Rodrigo Chiari